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  • Players 98
  • Characters 220
  • Online peak 18
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Server time: 09:28 10/27/2021

No GM online.

Server rates

  • 10x Exp Solo
  • 20x Exp Party
  • 10x Pet Growth
  • 10x Resources Drop

New Client Available!

17:55 05/16/2020

Download the full "SunnyPirates Client" via the Download section of the site.

The SunnyPirates Client has an easy to use installer, which will install all the required files on your system. Before you install the client, please make sure you have approximately 1.7GB free disk space. After the installation you should be able to start the Game via the shortcut on your Desktop or by starting the Launcher.exe in the installation folder.

The SunnyPirates Client is compatible with Windows 7 and above.

Please do not hesitate the contact the staff on the Forums and Discord, if you have questions or need help with the client software.

SunnyPirates staff

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