Server statistics

  • Players 98
  • Characters 220
  • Online peak 18
  • Now playing 0

Server status


Server time: 09:07 10/27/2021

No GM online.

Server rates

  • 10x Exp Solo
  • 20x Exp Party
  • 10x Pet Growth
  • 10x Resources Drop

Server is opened!

17:55 05/16/2020

The new Server has been opened!

Kindly download the latest client and kick ass with your friends.

Please note that the first two months the server will be in status beta, hence it will require frequent updates and restarts to stabilize the gameplay. Feel free to help our staff and community to improve or server and gameplay, by sharing creative idea's scripts or personal art. 

Valuable contributions will be rewarded with unique prizes and you can become a VIP member on our server.

You can contact us ingame, discord or forums.

Kind regards,

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